Polly Ann Trail Bench Sponsorship

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BenchSponsorThe Polly Ann Trailway Management Council (PATMC) welcomes the sponsorship of benches to be placed along the trail. Such sponsorships are subject to the following policy adopted May 2017.

In response to requests from the public to help support the Polly Ann Trail, meet the needs for certain capital improvements/enhancements to the trail experience and to enable donations to be made in a manner consistent with the planning of the Polly Ann Trailway Management Council (PATMC), the following policy has been adopted.

Sponsorship Policy: 

  1. The Polly Ann Trailway Management Council has predetermined the design of sponsored benches. The PATMC utilizes the “Model Art” style of benches. Cedar colored top/seat planks with black supports made with recycled materials.
  2. Sponsorship markers will be attached to/next to each bench listing donors name, website and/or phone number and address as space is available. Text is subject to the approval of the Polly Ann Trailway Management Council or their designee. Sponsorship markers are included in the cost of the bench.
  3. The PATMC desires placement of benches at parking lots and scenic park locations along the trail.
  4. The donated bench shall be maintained in cooperation with the local municipalities in or near their original location for the life of each bench. The PATMC does reserve the right to relocate if necessary. We will attempt to notify the donor in the event that the bench is to be relocated, replaced or removed.
  5. Payment is due to the PATMC prior to ordering. The bench will be ordered by the PATMC or its agent through an approved PATMC vendor.
  6. Once purchased and installed, it becomes the property of the PATMC and is for the use and enjoyment of the general public. The PATMC cannot guarantee beyond reasonable means against loss, theft or other mechanism of damage or that the bench will be replaced by the PATMC should such an event occur.
  7. The donor has no obligation or right to maintain or tamper with the bench or the surrounding area.
  8. The PATMC reserves the right to deny any bench donation, any bench location, or any designs which does not comply with Article 1 of this policy.
  9. The price of the bench donation includes:
    • Sponsorship marker
    • Assembly and installation
  10. Any member community of the Management Council that assembles and installs a donated bench shall be reimbursed the approved fee by the PATMC, to offset their labor and installation costs.
  11. The PATMC cannot guarantee that any bench will be installed by a specific date as we are dependent upon our suppliers and the availability of the trail maintenance staff. Additionally, benches cannot be installed in the winter when the ground is frozen.
  12. After installation, donors will be recognized with a letter of appreciation at a Polly Ann Trailway Management Council meeting. Donor will also receive a thank you letter that serves as a receipt for tax purposes.
  13. A list of donated benches and donors with their locations will be kept and available to the public in the PATMC office.

Thank you for your patronage.

Polly Ann Trailway Management Council