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Polly Ann Trail Fundraisers

The Polly Ann Trail has teamed up with Travis Moore, a senior in the Oxford Schools Early College Program, who is hosting a GoFundMe effort and Open Mic Night. Proceeds will help fund a unique trail maintenance effort of 'goatscaping' the trail Read more about this environmentally-responsible process in Travis' message below.

Message from Travis:
"As part of my graduation requirement, I have to do a community service project, known as a "Capstone Project." For my Capstone project, I have teamed up with the Polly Ann Trail manager, Linda Moran, to fund a beautification project on the Polly Ann Trail.

She founded City Girls Goats Farm in Pontiac, Michigan. They are a group of individuals that sell goat soap and cheese and other things, and also do “goatscaping.” They travel around Oakland County and the surrounding areas providing land clearing services. These goats eat anything from the ground to 6 feet off the ground, including invasive species.

What is cool about the goats is that the seeds cannot germinate inside the goat's stomach, because they have to pass through all four of the goats stomachs. If a weed whacker went out and cut down the invasive species, their seeds would fall and just spring back worse. If deer or other animals eat them, they can still germinate inside their stomachs. Goats are the only animals that can eat invasive species and not have them germinate when they come out the other side.

Having said this, the sides of the Polly Ann Trail are filled with invasive species. My project proposal is to raise money to help Linda Moran raise funds to get these goats on the trail by Spring 2017.

I plan on doing this by hosting a Open Mic Night competition at Evergreens Coffee and Bakeshop on January 27th, 2017. The address is 33 Pleasant Street. We will be charging a $5 door fee and also holding a 50/50 raffle. If you cannot attend the Open Mic Night, we have this page set up to recieve donations. Thanks again for your time and we hope to see you at Evergreens on January 27th

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Polly Ann Trail Fundraisers




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Open Mic Nights

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$5 COVER, Donated to the Polly Ann Trail

Evergreen's Coffee & Bakeshop
33 Pleasant St. Oxford MI

Donations to the Polly Ann Trail are tax-deductible.